Major Milestones

The Hereford Youth Foundation of America was originally established in 1989 to support the educational needs of those young members of the National Junior Hereford Association, a membership organization that was formally established in 1965 as a young cattlemen arm of the American Hereford Association. The National Junior Hereford Association is one of the largest, strongest and most active agriculture youth programs in the country.



The Beginning

Dedicated exclusively to scholarship and educational support, The American Hereford Youth Foundation was established in 1989 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. The account opened with a $50,000 gift from Catherine W. Tyssowski.


HYFA Established

Net assets grew to $218,000 and as a result of the amalgamation of the two youth foundations, including the American Hereford and the American Polled Hereford Youth Foundation, Inc., the new Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) was established.




Structure in Place

Robert D. Call led the charge and the groundwork was laid for the newly formed Hereford Youth Foundation of America board structure and bylaws were put in place as plans were set in motion for future fundraising and scholarships.


Harvest Gala Makes History

HYFA celebrated the importance of Hereford youth at the first “Harvest Gala” hosted at the American Hereford Association. The first foundation female headlined the party, setting the stage for the Gary Bishop Memorial Scholarship.




January 2004

First OXO World Traveler Scholarship

Kristi Bishop of Basehor, Kan., was awarded the first OXO World Hereford Traveler Scholarship at the 2004 National Western Stock Show. This is given in memory of the Matasovic family who always enjoyed the World conferences.

October 2004

Record Setting Event at Second Harvest Gala

It was an evening to remember as the Harvest Gala at Kansas City’s historic Union Station raised $75,000 for Hereford youth. The rebirth of the youth foundation set in place a new found spirit among Hereford breeders.



October 2005

The $5 Million Capital Campaign Unveiled

A crowd of 300 celebrated the significance of Hereford youth and their importance to the Hereford breed’s future at the third Harvest Gala in Kansa City. Plans for the capital campaign and new EE and Kube scholarships announced.


HYFA Tops One Million Dollars

This year’s casino night entertained a crowd of more than 330 in Kansas City. The highlight was HYFA has reached $1 million in assets and the new mission statement includes support for youth scholarship, leadership and education.



Foundation Female Sets Record

In Denver, the first foundation female consigned by Star Lake Cattle Ranch sold for a record setting $100,000 to Ken and Carolyn Larson, Texas, and the Blin Family, Iowa. From here the Larson and Blin family scholarship funds were born.



Music on the Mountain Creates Momentum

More than 560 attendees made the trek up the mountain near Ft. Payne, Ala., to attend “Music on the Mountain” at the Owens’ Tennessee River Music farm.  During the event more than $200,000 was raised for youth.


Cowan Named Director of Foundation

Amy Cowan has been with the American Hereford Association since 1998. As director of youth activities and foundation, she will work with donors growing net assets while managing scholarship, leadership and educational activities.




October 2009

Boots and Brew Fundraiser

The Hereford Youth Foundation of America hosted a Boots and Brew reception to celebrate Hereford youth and Halloween on Oct. 31 in Kansas City during the Annual Meeting.


Hereford Research Foundation (HRF) Established

The Hereford Research Foundation was established in 2009 as a division of the Hereford Youth Foundation of America, a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization, to support breed improvement projects outside the scope of the American Hereford Association budget.

October 2010

$100,000 Gift to Capital Campaign

The Ed and Virginia Ball Foundation donated $50,000 to HYFA, and their daughter Nancy and her husband Tim Keilty of Cottonwood Spring Farm, Cedar, Mich., matched the gift to create a total contribution of $100,000 and $5,000 annual scholarship.




The Harvest Benefits Youth

Hereford youth reaped the benefits as Hereford breeders enjoyed The Harvest fundraiser. More than 175 Hereford enthusiasts gathered at the Kunde Family Estate in California and raised more than $292,000 to support Hereford youth.


HYFA Embarks on Strategic Plan

In the strategic planning session the mission and vision of HYFA were clearly defined with the goal to secure an asset base of $3.5 million by 2013.





Growing a Lasting Legacy Campaign Kicks Off

Thanks to Sue and the late Jim Rowland, The Growing a Lasting Legacy campaign was started to ensure the sustainability of future Junior National Hereford Expos (JNHEs) and educational events for years to come.

September 2014

Hereford Research Hosts Cutting Edge Sale

Hereford enthusiasts gathered for an evening aboard the Branson Belle on Table Rock Lake in Branon, Mo., generating $76,600 for Hereford Research Foundation that was started in 2009 as a division of HYFA.



Deana Jak Farms Step Up to Show Support

Doug and Jenny Howe of Deana Jak Farms, Wagontown, Pa., presented $85,000 to HYFA’s “Growing a Lasting Legacy” campaign. The Howe’s matched proceeds that were remaining from hosting and fundraising for the 2014 Junior National in Harrisburg, Pa.



A Harvest to Remember

The Harvest II fundraising event benefiting the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) generated $2 million for leadership events and scholarships at the Kunde Family Winery and Vineyards in Kenwood, Calif. Rick and Bonnie Coley-Malir announce leadership endowment and planned estate gift of $1 million.


Paving the Way through Scholarship

The Vanier Family from Kansas has generously committed a $100,000 annual scholarship endowment that will be dispersed as ten, $10,000 scholarships to deserving Hereford youth.




Creating A Lasting Legacy

Virginia Hereford Breeder, Bob Schaffer of Deer Track Farm, announced that he will be gifting his estate to HYFA. The total donation to HYFA developed from the Deer Track Farm estate will be approximately $1 million.


BioZyme Inc. Implements Feed the Future

BioZyme Vice President, Lisa Norton presented a $14,671 check to HYFA  during the American Hereford Association Annual Meeting. Money raised from “Feed the Future” will directly benefit Hereford youth through leadership and education.


Boyd’s Legacy Honored with Scholarship

 It is only fitting that the Charles E. Boyd Memorial Scholarship is presented for the first time on the green chips at the Junior National Hereford Expo in Louisville, Ky. Thanks to Boyd’s family and friends for making this endowment possible.




The Start of the Foundation 1 Club

The Foundation 1 Club Sets Stage for future growth and encourages breeders and industry partners to give back a percentage of their profits to HYFA.


Leadership Endowment in Action

Rick and Bonnie Coley-Malir’s $500,000 leadership endowment contributed to a successful Faces of Leadership Conference in Kansas City, Mo., where 89 National Junior Hereford Association members attended and learned how to become a better leader.




Educational Endowment Unveiled

Tim and Nancy Keilty, Cedar, Mich., announced their $250,000 Cottonwood Springs Educational Endowment. This generous gift gives HYFA the ability to propel educational programs at the Junior National Hereford Expo to the next level.



Biozyme Inc., Powers NJHA Fed Steer Shootout

BioZyme® Inc., announced its commitment to educating youth in agriculture with a $30,000 contribution to the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) Fed Steer Shootout. The new partnership will create more educational opportunities for youth.


Ascuaga Scholarship Endowment Funded

At the National Hereford Show in Reno, Nev., the Western States Hereford Association and friends raised funds for the John Ascuaga Scholarship endowment in honor of long-time breed supporter and host of Western Nugget Hereford Sale in Reno.



New MGM Scholarship Endowment

Highlighting the fall scholarship offering is the newest endowment from the Merry family and MGM Polled Herefords of Hartford, Wis. This $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to an aspiring veterinary or pre vet student each year.


March 2020

Youth Attend World Hereford Conference

Six Hereford youth were given the opportunity of a lifetime and the chance to compete and network on a global stage at the 2020 World Hereford Conference in New Zealand. Travel was made possible by HYFA’s OXO World Traveler Scholarship Fund.

October 2020

Shumaker Donates $116,000 to Research

The Hereford Research Foundation is pleased to announce the Hereford Prime Foundation, a subsidiary of the Kansas Hereford Association, has gifted $116,000 in support of future research projects at the American Hereford Association.



Queen Scholarship Fund Unveiled

The National Hereford Women announced the new fully funded $200,000 National Queen Scholarship Fund. This scholarship will be a $10,000 academic scholarship awarded to the National Hereford Queen upon completion of her reign each fall.



New Position Focuses on Education

Chloé Fowler is hired as HYFA’s Associate Director of Youth Marketing and Education. In this new role, she will work to increase marketing and promotion of junior programs like Faces of Leadership and the Junior National Hereford Expo.



Scholarships Continue to Award Greatness

The scholarship fund is the cornerstone of HYFA and countless youth are the benefactors of our mission each year. Since it’s inception in 1989, HYFA has proudly given back $1.5 million dollars in scholarships and $191,875 in 2021 alone.


HYFA Surpasses $5.4 Million Dollar Mark

Hereford Youth Foundation of America celebrates monumental growth and reaches $5.4 million milestone. As the foundation strives to pay it forward and create a legacy for the future, HYFA’s commitment to Hereford youth continues to grow.



Cody Jensen was honored during the 2022 VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) with the inaugural Bob Norton Excellence Award. Bob Norton, late BioZyme, Inc., CEO and Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) board member passed away unexpectedly on April 13, 2022.




Generous donors provided various challenge donations, and each gift, no matter the amount, goes towards unlocking these challenge values throughout the week. In its first year, HYFA was able to raise $135,000 to go towards it’s pillars of scholarship, leadership, education and research


July 2023

The GKB Cattle Youth Endowment

The GKB Cattle Youth Endowment — powered by GKB Cattle, Desdemona, Texas, is a monumental gift that bolsters HYFA’s sturdy pillars and provides endless opportunities for Hereford youth to build their cow herds and develop leadership skills for a prosperous future.