The Start of the Foundation 1 Club

HYFA initiates a new program called the Foundation 1 Club, providing many breeders the opportunity to contribute to their area of interest through their production sale. This program is designed so Hereford breeders may join an elite club to fund HYFA, based upon the gross amount of their production sale. As the name indicates, the donor commits to giving 1% of the gross amount of their sale to HYFA.

This program is easy to understand and easy to implement. An initial gift from Tim and Kara Coleman at Sierra Ranches in California has already been received, and we want to work with you as you make plans for your upcoming production sales. This initial gift prompted an investment from the AHA to donate 1% of both the Mile High Night National Hereford Sale in Denver as well as 1% of the Ladies of the Royal Sale in Kansas City, Mo. The Foundation 1 Club has potential to be one of the biggest driving forces going forward to support educational platforms for Hereford youth.