Scholarship Giving

Endowments that are awarded for specific purposes can be established through the Hereford Youth Foundation of America to provide funding for scholarships, specific programs, or awards through the National Junior Hereford Association.

One of the purposes of the Hereford Youth Foundation of America endowment fund is to provide Hereford juniors who have been involved in junior activities the opportunity to receive a scholarship to further their education, recognize them for their achievement or provide funding for specific programs of the HYFA.

Eligibility and criteria of the applicant are a collaboration of the HYFA Board of Directors, individual, family or group giving the award.

The minimum amount needed for an endowment is $50,000.



Expendable Scholarship Fund

A scholarship without an endowed account or with an account less than the $50,000 minimum requirement may establish an independent expendable account for scholarship awards. A scholarship account is created and contributions are deposited to that account. Distributions are made from the account in accordance with criteria established by the donor. The scholarship will be awarded each year until the fund is depleted.


Endowed Scholarship

A minimum contribution of $50,000 perpetually funds an endowed scholarship.

With both expendable and endowed scholarships, the donor names the fund and establishes the selection criteria within the parameters already set-forth by the HYFA. Regardless of how you choose to fund a scholarship, you will be richly rewarded with the knowledge that your support helped make it possible for a young man or woman to attend college.

The National Junior Merit Scholarship

$5,000 – The National Junior Merit Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards given at the JNHE. It was developed to encourage individual and cooperative effort, enthusiasm, leadership and achievement and to develop well-rounded breeders for the Hereford breed and the beef industry. Each year a $5,000 scholarship is awarded, with the winner also receiving a subsidized trip to a Hereford operation in the continental U.S.

Golden Bull Achievement Awards

$2,500 – The Golden Bull Achievement Awards are given to three collegiate students each summer. This is one of the most coveted honors at the JNHE as these youth not only receive the scholarship but also a bronze bull.

The Donna Curry Memorial Scholarship

$2,500 – The Donna Curry Memorial Scholarship offers three scholarships valuing $2,500 each. In memory of Donna Curry, McAlester, Okla., the Hereford family created the Donna Curry Memorial Scholarship Endowment during the 2022 Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE), in an effort to honor Donna’s legacy and continue to provide opportunities for hard working Hereford youth.

Hereford Herdsman Scholarship

$2,500 – Sullivan Supply Inc., Hereford herdsmen from across the country and HYFA work together to support two herdsman scholarships. These scholarships are given to college students who not only excel in the classroom and showring, but also have a passion for and dedication to raising and showing Hereford cattle.

Bud Snidow Award

$2,500 – Each year the NHW honor Bud Snidow, past AHA employee and Hereford historian, with a hand-crafted belt buckle and scholarship. It is awarded to a commendable NJHA member who demonstrates the characteristics Snidow admired most – honesty, fairness, hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to the Hereford breed and its members.

John Wayne Memorial Scholarship

$2,000 – The John Wayne Memorial Endowment is awarded each summer to deserving college students who have made outstanding contributions to the agricultural industry and Hereford breed. They are awarded in remembrance of John Wayne – a legendary actor, agriculturalist and Hereford breeder.

NOP Founders Scholarship

$2,000 – The Poll-Ette Founders Scholarship was established in 2003, in honor of the women who laid the foundation for the National Organization of Poll-ette’s (NOP), which was organized in 1965.

Mead Family Scholarship

$2,000 – In 2020, the Mead family suffered loss of two amazing ladies and backbone of their Hereford operation, Tommy’s mother, Hazel Mead, and his wife, Valarie Mead. In 2021 the Mead family and friends rallied together to honor the passing of Hazel and Valerie with the Mead Family Memorial Scholarship Endowment, generating funds that will perpetuate over time to support Hereford junior members from across the country and assist them as they chase their dreams and further their education.

Charles E. Boyd Sr. Memorial Scholarship

$1,500 – The Boyd Memorial Scholarship honors the legacy of Hereford breeder, Charles E. Boyd, Sr., a third-generation Hereford breeder from Mays Lick, Ky., who mentored youth in the agricultural industry. Throughout his lifetime, he was recognized on local, state and national levels for his accomplishments. He was a prominent beef cattle judge at all major livestock shows and exhibited several international and national champion Hereford cattle. The Charles E Boyd, Sr., Scholarship helps young people in the Hereford breed who plan to attend college and pursue a degree in agriculture.

Buckeye and Bluegrass Scholarship

$1,500 – The Kentucky and Ohio Hereford Associations, along with HYFA, present a scholarship each year to provide recognition for an outstanding member of the NJHA. Its purpose is to develop good leaders for both the Hereford breed and the beef industry.

Walter and Joe Lewis Memorial Award

$1,000 – The Walter and Joe Lewis Award will be awarded to the high point senior competitor at the current Junior National Hereford Expo, recognizing overall achievement in leadership, teamwork, skills and competition and will be presented at the conclusion of the annual event.

Vanier Family Scholarships

$10,000 – The Vanier Family offers ten scholarships for a total of $100,000 investment in Hereford youth each fall. Jack and the late Donna Vanier and family of CK Ranch in Kansas have paved the way for Hereford youth to further their education. The Vanier family believe the work ethic young people learn growing up in the Hereford breed sets them apart in today’s workforce.

National Queen Scholarship

$10,000 – The National Queen Scholarship is the result of the National Hereford Women (NHW) partnering with HYFA to elevate the queen program and to annually assist the queen with her education and tuition costs.

EE Ranches Scholarships

$5,000 – These two scholarships are made possible by Jo Ellard and her late husband, Bill of Texas. EE Ranches made the first commitment to assisting Hereford youth in their desire for higher education with a $250,000 endowment to HYFA’s Capital Campaign. Jo was an instrumental board member in the early years, helping to build a solid foundation for the future.

Perks Ranch Scholarship

$5,000 – This scholarship honors Perks Ranch of Illinois and Doug Perk’s legacy and leadership on the HYFA board as well as the American Hereford Association and Certified Hereford Beef. Doug served for many years as the finance chairman and was heavily involved in the strategic plan that helped lay the ground work and growing investments to reach $5 million.

CBY Polled Herefords Scholarship

$5,000 – This scholarship honors Dolores Call and her late husband, Bob. Robert D. Call was a founding member of the HYFA board of directors, an integral part of building the foundation and led the charge for the initial foundation board structure, by-laws and scholarship programs.

Ball/Cottonwood Springs Scholarship

$5,000 – This scholarship honors the legacy of Nancy Keilty’s late mother and father, Ed and Virginia Ball, who instilled Nancy and her husband Tim of Cottonwood Spring Farm to always leave the campsite better than they found it.

Bar One Ranch Scholarship

$5,000 – This scholarship is offered by George and Karen Sprague of Bar One Ranch in Oregon. The scholarship is given in memory of Ken Tracy of Split Butte Ranch. George Sprague has been steadfast in supporting HYFA’s scholarship program serving on the selection committee and helping lead the board as vice chairman.

Annual HYFA Scholarship

$2,500 – The annual Hereford Youth Foundation of America scholarship is given each fall to a Hereford youth who is the epitome of individual and cooperative effort, enthusiasm, excellence, leadership, academic success and achievement. This individual is a representative for both the Hereford breed and the beef industry.

OXO World Traveler Scholarship

$5,000 – John and Estelle Matasovic established the OXO World Traveler scholarship in memory of their parents. The scholarship is designed to award exceptional Hereford youth with the opportunity to travel to the World Hereford Conference every four years at various destinations around the world and serve as an ambassador for the breed.

Willard Wolf Scholarship

$3,000 – The Willard Wolf Scholarship honors the legacy of past Hereford Hall of Merit inductee, an icon in the Hereford breed and American Hereford Association northwest field representative for 33 years. Willard and his wife Patty, were influential in the Western Nugget Reno show and sale and the Western States Hereford Association. This scholarship is provided by HYFA and the Western States Hereford Association and presented during the Western States Hereford Show in Reno, Nev.

Blin Family Hereford Scholarship

$2,500 – For many years the Lot 1 Foundation Female was a cornerstone tradition funding program for the Hereford Youth Foundation, generating close to a million dollars for Hereford youth. The inaugural female was consigned by Star Lake Cattle Company and the Blin Family from Iowa, which is why we honor them with a named scholarship.

Fauquier Farms Scholarship

$2,500 – Bob served many years on the HYFA Board and truly has a passion for our youth, especially those that take their leadership outside of the Hereford circles and into their communities. This scholarship honors Bob and Lucy’s commitment to future generations.

Gary Bishop Memorial Scholarship

$2,500 – This scholarship is designed to recognize those youth who demonstrate many of the same qualities that Gary Bishop demonstrated. A scholarship will be awarded to a deserving member of the NJHA to continue financing their college education.

Larson Polled Herefords Scholarship

$2,500 – Having raised close to one million dollars for the Hereford Youth Foundation of America over the years, the Lot 1 Foundation Female tradition has had an impact on generations of Hereford youth. This scholarship is given in recognition of Ken and Carolyn Larson, Clifton, Texas, who purchased the first foundation female for $100,000.

MGM Memorial Scholarship

$2,500 – Dedicated to students pursuing Veterinary Medicine Degrees. MGM Polled Herefords and the Merry family recognize the dedication required from young people to raise and exhibit livestock and they wish to reward juniors who are passionate about Hereford cattle.

Tennessee River Music Scholarship

$2,500 – The historic Music on the Mountain event held by Randy and Kelly Owen of Tennessee River Music Inc., started the momentum for HYFA’s success and growth today. With this scholarship, HYFA honors TRM who made that evening so special for Hereford youth.

Whitehead Ranches Scholarship

$2,500 – Lloyd Whitehead from Texas was an instrumental part of HYFA in the early years serving on the board and financial chairman. This scholarship honors his service to Hereford youth.

Ostgaard-Breiner Scholarship

$1,500 – The scholarship is for non-traditional students wanting to go into a technical field, graduate school, trade school, certification or other acceptable program, hosted by the National Hereford Women in remembrance of Mrs. Sandra Adams Ostgaard of Dayton, Ohio, and Mrs. Callea Mae Breiner of Alma, Kansas.

John Ascuaga Hereford Scholarship

$1,500 – During the 2015 Western Nugget National Hereford Show and Sale, which was celebrated as the 50th Nugget Hereford event, funds were donated in recognition of long time Nugget Casino owner, rancher, and Hereford advocate, John Ascuaga, to support Hereford youth pursuing a college education. This scholarship is provided by HYFA and the Western States Hereford Association and presented during the Western States Hereford Show in Reno, Nev.