Harvest Gala Makes History

A fall evening welcomed more than 275 Hereford enthusiasts to the American Hereford Association on Oct. 26 to take part in the inaugural Harvest Gala. The spirit that drives the Hereford breed forward was paramount throughout the evening festivities as Hereford breeders and avid supporters from the Kansas City area took part in a star-studded event.



Sale of First Foundation Female Establishes Bishop Memorial Scholarship Fund

The climax of the first Harvest Gala was the Hereford Youth Foundation heifer auction, The Coley Family from Castalian Springs, Tenn., donated JC L1 Lady Mark 0219 to the HYFA in memory of the late Gary Bishop, former director of youth activities and breed improvement with the AHA. DeShazer Cattle Co., Hearne, Texas, purchased the foundation heifer for $20,000. The foundation auction continued as DeShazer Cattle Co. generously donated the heifer back to the HYFA. After heavy bidding, The Gary Bishop Memorial Syndicate paid $18,000 for the foundation heifer and again donated her back to the HYFA. Perks Ranch owned by Doug Perks, Rockford, Ill., paid $4,000 to purchase the foundation heifer before donating her to HYFA. And in the final round of bidding, Gerber Polled Herefords, owned by Doug and Maxine Gerber of Richmond, Ind., along with Ellis Farms, owned by the Phil Ellis Family of Chrisman, Ill., teamed up to make the final purchase for $3,500. When Col. Eddie Sims, Elgin, Okla. made the final cry the foundation heifer auction had commanded an impressive $45,500 total to benefit HYFA and begin a new scholarship in Bishop’s memory.

Inaugural HYFA Board of Directors Announced

Robert D. Call, Cushing, Okla., was recognized as the first HYFA President and was given a bronze bull in appreciation of his hard work in building the new and rejuvenated foundation. Additional board members serving on the inaugural board include: John Vanier, Kelly Owen, GayAnn Burns, L.C. Whitehead, Jo Ellard, John Loewen, Ray Ramsey, Randy Blin and Hank DeShazer. Craig Huffhines, Chris Stephens and Leslie Mathews serve as the American Hereford Association support staff leading the first HYFA board.