Paving the Way 

Bob Schaffer of Deer Track Farm in Virginia announces he is leaving his estate to the Hereford Youth Foundation of America to put toward scholarship money for youth. While Bob cherishes Deer Track Farm, he recognizes the farm will not be in production forever; however, its legacy can. 

As a result of many years of being involved in state association leadership and spearheading youth programs, it was clear leaving his estate recognizes the importance of education and wants to help Hereford youth pursuing college. After Bob became a purebred Hereford breeder in 1996, he quickly became involved as a board member then as the state association president. The total donation to HYFA developed from the Deer Track Farm estate will be approximately $1 million. 



Bob recognizes the importance of education and wants nothing more than to support youth in pursuing theirs. Bob’s son, John William, was a bright young man aspiring to be a lawyer before he was taken from this Earth as the victim of a brain tumor. The scholarships developed from Bob’s estate will be a way to honor his son’s life, as well as to aid Hereford youth in accomplishing their goals. Undergraduate and students pursuing graduate degrees will be eligible for these scholarships. Ideally, the scholarships will be awarded to students from Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina because of Bob’s involvement in that region. However, if there are not eligible students from those three states, Bob says the scholarships will then be open to the rest of the National Junior Hereford Association members. 

Once his journey is over in the cattle industry, Bob hopes these scholarships will help students as they embark on new journeys just as he had help chasing his dream. “Everybody wants to leave their mark in the world,” he says. “I worked hard, and I have been blessed. If I can pass that on in a positive way, then that is a good deal and I can rest comfortably.”